Do less. Win more.

Shifting from an ‘unproductively busy’ to ‘effective’ early stage founder.

The silicon valley sauce

on figuring out how big of a company i want to build, and the consequences of doing so

How I made £1000+ worth of Uber Rides from one email

a tale of broke university student hustling. the usual.

23 things at 23.

It’s March 23rd and I’ve just turned 23.

A letter to myself

Learnings from a year of not following anyone’s advice

Introducing the #CarpeDiemChallenge

Everyone talks a good game but how hard are you willing to hustle? 

Here’s an invitation to meet new people 🍺

How do you usually meet new amazing people?

Reverse Engineering your Financial Goals 💸

I saw a great tactic by Neville Mehora who mentioned he likes to think about income in reverse. Well so do I.

A three minute read on how to improve anything you sell for a lifetime.

Let’s go straight into an example:

Take your expert goggles off

The common issue that’s rarely spoken about. At first I wasn’t going to post this because I wasn’t quite sure how to tie it all together.