A three minute read on how to improve anything you sell for a lifetime.

by SamuelWood on 06/10/2016

Let’s go straight into an example:

Say you were, hypothetically, trying to sell services for a CV company that rewrites resumes.

Here’s something that would be pretty standard as an email sales pitch right?

“ Hello [Insert name],

We are a small CV company based in London that rewrite CVs to help student get jobs.

We have three packages we offer, The the basic plan at 14.99 which is give you advice on how to improve your CV, the standard plan at 39.99 that is a full re-write of your CV and the ultimate plan at 149.99 which comes with a 1–1 consultation as well as a full CV rewrite.

If you’re interested in our services check us out at CVRewritingWebsite.com


Mr CV guy. “

Decent email right?  Wrong.

This email above is shit.

I spoke about our plans, our prices, our features… you get the pattern.

The customer is probably thinking about:

  1. how they are going to pay rent on the 11th of this month 
  2. that deadline they have for work
  3. how they need more monies 
  4. and all I spoke about was me me me.

When selling… it is not about you, or the features you can offer. It is about them and the benefits you can provide. 

As renowned Harvard Business School marketing professor Theodore Levitt said :

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”

In the above example of selling a CV rewrite you should be selling them that new job they can get, not improved grammar.

When you take this approach and couple it with the A.I.D.A copywriting strategy (which dates back to the 1800’s), first brought to my attention by the kopywriting king Neville Madhora (and a salute to Anthony Frasier for jogging my memory), you can start to write some really good sales emails.

The Formula

The A.I.D.A formula is a really well known copywriting structure that helps you improve the way you write.

You simply structure any offer you write with the following four sections

  • ATTENTION – attracting the attention of the customer
  • INTEREST – raising a customers interest by focusing on benefits
  • DESIRE – convincing customers that they want and desire the product or service
  • ACTION – leading customers towards taking action

Now let’s go through a colour coded example of how I would go about selling that same CV rewriting package that we tried and failed to pitch earlier:

Why did you to come to university? < [Attention Section]

It seems that a lot of us get in to university and then completely forget the end goal. For a lot of us getting into university took a lot of hard work as well as the enormous £9000 a year to think about.

If you’re like me, you came to university to:

1.) Further my learning ✅

2.) Secure a good placement and graduate job 🙏🏽

Number two is the thing that most students forget to focus on, which is arguably just as important as a degree. < [Interest Section]

We’re offering students the chance to get your CV revamped at a steep discount (only for the next 72 hours) 

Within two weeks of purchasing a package, We helped student Billy Boggs secure a role at renowned oil and gas company shell.

The team went through Billys’ CV and effectively displayed his competencies and achievements tailoring it to his dream role.

He announced two weeks after completion that he was successful in his application and would be starting his role within the week. 

Degree: £27,000.

The cost to present it professionally: £29.99

Completely your choice. [Desire Section]

[BUTTON] Get your CV revamp today < [Action]

All the best,

Mr CV Guy

See the difference?

Nice! Now go and make that money ££