Introducing the #CarpeDiemChallenge

by SamuelWood on 11/9/2016

Everyone talks a good game but how hard are you willing to hustle? 


Each year we set ourselves goals we’d like to achieve, but then slowly slip back into bad habits by the end of the year. We’ve all been there.

But why do we allow ourselves to keep making the same mistake?

The issue is that we tend to think about goals on a long term (macro) basis rather than the sum of consistent daily (micro) wins.

Imagine you had a productive day, 365 times a year. What do you think that would lead to? The most productive year of your life, duh.

Here are some common examples of what you might want to achieve in 2017, and some suggested solutions to get you there:

Yearly Goal: I want to get fitter
Daily Task: Workout for 20 minutes every day

Yearly Goal: I want to write a book
Daily Task: I’ll write 200 words everyday, no excuses. 

Yearly Goal: I want to improve my network
Daily Task: I’ll reach out to one new person a day, either on twitter or by email

Yearly Goal: I want to improve my focus
Daily Task: I’ll meditate once a day for 10 minutes using headspace

It’s Simple. But we tend to over-complicate things.

What if you had a simple framework to ensure you have a productive year?

The CarpeDiemChallenge is a massive, A1 sized, 365 day challenge board to put on your wall. All you need to do is think of your two big goals you want to achieve in a year and then write down two tasks you will do daily to achieve these respective goals.

The challenge is to cross out every day of the year but only when you have successfully completed your two daily tasks. This forces you to commit to your goals and make shit happen everyday, for 365 days.

In this sense, you’re challenged to ‘Win’ each day and be constantly reminded when you don’t.

If you stick to this (and trust me it’s hard) you will have the most productive year of your life.

So before everyone on Facebook and Twitter start claiming 2017 as ‘their year’ yet again… The first question to ask is whether you’re actually ready to make a change this year?

If you are, order your challenge board below below and I’ll get it sent to you in time for new years.

I make no profit from the sale of these (A1 Printing isn’t cheap). I’m just interested in seeing people stop talking and start hustling.

If you clicked that button above, I salute you for stepping up.

See you in 365 days.

P.S. Once you receive your challenge board, keep me updated on twitter