23 things at 23.

by SamuelWood on 03/23/2017

It’s March 23rd and I’ve just turned 23.

I thought it would be fitting to share 23 experiences and observations from 23 years of many small failures and several big wins.

1.) Meditate.
Just do it.
10 minutes a day that positively affect the other 23hrs 50minutes.
That’s a good return on investment. Do it. Use headspace.com to start. ( No they haven’t commissioned me to say that, swear.)

2.) Talk to people about your visions and ideas.
I know it’s scary, but what’s the point in knowing what you know if no one knows you know what you know? Start sharing with people and you’ll be surprised by the willingness of others to help.

3.) Reach out to people who have already done what you want to do..
One new relationship with the right person can change your life. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

4.) Taking action now is always better than deliberating the perfect move.
(This is why I believe academics don’t make the best entrepreneurs as they tend to overanalyse 🐸)

5.) Life is too short to get paid 12 times a year.
Multiple. income. streams. £ $ €. More reading.

6.) Question everything. The world is malleable.
Once you realise societal norms don’t have to be your norms by default, you’re free.

7.) Don’t do things for instant gratification.
It hurts to feel like you’re being slept on.
But trust the process, add value and your time will come.

8.) There’s levels to this shit.
On any topic: the more you know, the more you realise you don’t know.
You’ll always be a student, but be a teacher too and share value.

9.) Health is wealth (Mental and Physical)
Take breaks. Don’t romanticise the unhealthy hustle.

10.) Busy =/= Productive.
Don’t confuse the two. You can spend a lot of time going nowhere.

11.) Life isn’t a meritocracy.
There are rules and patterns you figure out as you go along, it’s up to you to play the games without compromising your integrity.

12.) Being misunderstood isn’t something that happens to you.
It’s a symptom of you miscommunicating yourself to the world.

13.) Never be transactional.
Genuinely give a shit about people and if you don’t, don’t pretend to.

14.) Your environment shapes you more than you think.
Constantly question whether the environment(s) you’re in forces you to grow or be stagnant.

15.) Time is the most valuable asset you possess.
And your time is just as valuable as anyone else’s. If someone doesn’t respect your time, cut them off.

16.) There’s no such thing as overcommunication.
It leads to greater clarity and alignment.

17.) It’s easy to find a gap in the market, but harder to find a market in that gap. Believe it or not there’s probably a valid reason why the gap exists. Validate your assumptions before you quit your day job.

18.) Give yourself strict deadlines.
Don’t be half hearted. If you’re going to do something, go all in.
But give yourself a strict deadline. If it doesn’t work out by then… kill it.

19.) Everything is human to human. (EQ > IQ).
A business is a collection of individuals working on the same mission. Always think about who you’re talking to at that business and what their motivations are. It’s never B2B, it’s always human to human.

20.) Don’t confuse good intentions with good advice.
Parents are typically the main culprits. Their advice may have been effective at one point in time (when they were our age), but often has diminishing relevancy over time.

Related to the point above…

21.) The conventional route is typically the most competitive.
Stand out for the right reasons and secret doors will open to you that are invisible to others.

22.) You know yourself better than anyone.
Your weaknesses will never be your strengths. Double down on your strengths and get your weaknesses to a mediocre level.

23.) People believe when they see.
It’s your job to prove your venture is happening with or without them. Thats when the support comes flooding in. It’s understandable, but good to know.

Bonus point. Don’t trust people who pour milk first before cereal.

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Thanks for reading.