The simple way to stay on top of your emails

I’ve tried a number of different work flows and ways to stay on top of my email. I’ve been a victim of shiny object syndrome and tried out practically every new email client that’s come and gone (R.I.P Mailbox app) but recently I’ve found a new super super simple way that works well for me. 

Organise your gmail with starred items first. Simple.

So now my email looks like this:

starred emails

As emails come in, I mark the ones that need to be replied to with stars so they magically float above my main inbox and I know I need to get through those by the end of the day.

You can take this approach a step further by creating a filter to automatically star incoming emails from certain addresses e.g. your boss or a potential client.

Simply go to ‘settings –> inbox –> starred first’ to try it out.

It’s a simple trick that has dramatically improved my email productivity