About Me

Hi, I’m Samuel.

I have a formal background in Economics and a deep interest in Growth Marketing.

From 2008 – Now I’ve been involved in startups and ventures across a variety or areas such as: ecommerce platforms, marketing agencies, media publications and SaaS products.

Now, I spend my time investigating repeatable ways in which startups can go from zero to one and then scale from 1 to 100,000+ 🚀

October 5

Str8 Up Recordings, Recording Studio

In 2008 I was gifted my first Microphone, the Samson CO1u condensor. Each year I’d save up and upgrade my equipment which led to me setting up a recording studio in the basement of house in east london.  I started charging people around the area (£4 per person haha) to..Read More
October 6

Fly Concepts, Events

Back in 2008, my friend John Akinde had the idea of running local events together in East London. We started small and ended up booking a few notable artists for events, in addition to hosting some open mic nights too.
January 1

SuaveStore.co.uk – E-Commerce, Profitable Store

Back in 2012 I noticed there was a new trend in america with a lot of people wearing a new type of hat called ‘snapbacks’. As soon as I saw them I knew they would be a hit here in the UK but also noticed no one was selling them..Read More
November 5

HowItStarted.co.uk – Media Platform, 1M Visits

After being fed up of reading headlines about the latest ‘overnight’ success story or young billionaire…I wanted to create a website to curate and interview people to get an insight into the full story.  The aim of How It Started was to know the full story. The Journey, the Hustle and..Read More
September 1

WIRE DMU: Society, Raised Money

I was part of setting up the first society for Entrepreneurs at my university with an amazing team of 7. During the first year we were able to gain investment from a third party and use this funding to book some highly respected speakers to inspire students on campus.
October 5

HowMuchDoesAdwordsCost? – B2B Web App

While working at a marketing agency I built a tool with a fellow colleague to help new entrepreneurs get an idea of how much google marketing would cost for their ventures based on years of historical campaign data at the agency.   
August 5

Kudoscope.com, Building businesses

Kudoscope.com is the house for all my future ventures under one company. The primary aim of Kudoscope is to build businesses internally (With a focus on B2C and Ecommerce) and use the lessons learned to consult others on how to grow their own businesses.
September 7

Graduated, First Class Economics

Graduated with a first class honours in Economics & Finance (Got a cheeky feature in BuzzfeedUK too) https://www.buzzfeed.com/black-british-graduates-living-their-best-life
October 5

Under Wraps

I’m working on a new project with my good friend Nathan Miller this year. As of writing this I’m in New York making a start to it which is pretty exciting.



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